Firemen's Parade Registration Request

Firemen's Parade Request

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Parade Lineup

The Shortsville Firemen's Parade registration request are reviewed by the Carnival/Parade Committee. Request need to be made on or before June 7th. 

You will be contacted by someone from the Carnival Committee to let you know that we received your request. 

Parade lineup will depend on when we receive your request. So don't wait and get your request in early.

Requesting here is the fastest way. The request is emailed  to us and when we receive your request they are time stamped and dated.

To find out the location of where you will lineup, see a fire police person at intersections of:

West Main Street at Water Street or 

West Main Street at Maple Street 

the day of the parade.

Citizens Hose Company Parade

5 Sheldon Street, Shortsville, New York 14548, United States

(585) 289-4485 * If a "Request Block" doesn't pertain to you, Please enter N/A.