Cake Box Request & Cake Pick up Request

Cake Box Requests

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Cake Box & Pick up Requests Information

The Firemen's Cake Booth is run by the Shortsville Fire Department's Women's Auxiliary. 

PLEASE help out the Shortsville Fire Department. We would love to have you donate a baked cake or bake good for the cake booth which will be raffled off. 

The Cake Booth  is a very profitable fund raiser for the Fire Dept.

The Cake Booth is open each night of the carnival. The more cakes we receive the longer the Cake Booth stays open.

PLEASE consider of helping your local fire dept by donating a cake or bake good.

Cake/Bake Goods Booth Questions

Feel free to ask any questions about the cake/bake goods booth. Add your questions in the "Message" box.

We are very happy to receive cakes, cookies, brownies, pies, cup cakes, or whatever you would like to bake and donate!

If you would like like to do more than 1 bake good that would be deeply appreciated.

If you need a box or boxes dropped off to you can request them by filling in the information spots to the left of this page.

We would gladly pick up your cake or bake good(s).  


Please email early, before 3pm, on the day you want us to pick your cake or bake good. We don't miss your email request. 

Thank You!

The Shortsville Firemen

Citizens Hose Company Carnival & Parade

5 Sheldon Street, Shortsville, New York 14548, United States

Contact us at: (585) 289-4485 or